The capital of Chile, Santiago is the centre of culture and business in the country with a wide entertainment scene and good opportunities for shopping.

Located in the central valley of Chile, the large city of Santiago is surrounded by impressive snow-peaked Andean Mountains on the east and the Chilean coastal range on the west.

There are modern ski resorts within an hours drive from the city centre, as well as interesting cultural and historical sites in Santiago.

Impressive high buildings dominate the scenery in Santiago that was founded by the Spanish in the 1500s.

Santiago has a fascinating cultural diversity with indigenous arts and crafts exhibitions, street performances and shows including opera, musicals and dance. Santiago has wonderful green parks and numerous interesting museums.

La Chasona is the fascinating former house of the famous Chilean Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda.

The finest museum in Santiago, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino has an extensive collection of art from the pre-Hispanic era,

including Andean textiles and Maya carvings.

The famous Parque Metropolitano has beautiful views over the city and over the snow-peaked Andes.
As the city is conveniently located between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, there are both beaches, wine regions and ski resorts near Santiago to be enjoyed.

Skiing around Santiago is available for example in ski resorts of La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado..

Over the last few years there has been an obvious increase in the city’s international restaurants, as well as a return to traditional Chilean food, with European and American influences. The range of restaurants means it is possible to find practically anything you might be in the mood to eat.