Lakes Region

Travelling through the Lake Region you will enjoy the “green” region of Chile. Due to its vegetation and climate, is appears very similar to the countries of northern Europe.  You will also visit the island of Chiloé, the largest island in the South American continent. This package includes 3 nights accommodation with daily breakfast, transfer in/out airport – hotel and tours.

The Lake Region is a volcanic region with lava prints on soil as proof of past eruptions.  It is  a rugged land with many natural lakes.

The island of Chiloé is the largest island in the South American continent and offers many interesting places with old constructions and harbors. The “chilotes” (islanders) live mainly from the sea and its products and are great sailors among the Patagonian channels and fjords.

Puerto Montt is the principal city in this region.

Puerto Varas is located on the shore of the Llanquihue lake and most of the economic activity of the area is concentrated there.