Set on a property of 1.5 ha the hotel has a panoramic view of the coastline on one of the world’s most unique destinations, Altiplánico Easter Island is designed in the style of the traditional Easter Island boathouse, with luxurious gardens, a beautiful swimming pool viewing the sea and large open spaces to relax after encountering the seductive mysteries of the island.

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Surrounded by beautiful gardens, characterized by its friendly, family atmosphere, O’tai hotel is located just steps away from the coast of the Pacific Ocean, its name means “in the coast” in the Rapa Nui language, but it is also just steps away from the village of Hanga Roa.

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Located near the Mataveri Airport in Easter Island, Manutara has all the comforts the passengers need in order to enjoy their stay spending all the time discovering the so-called the Navel of the World.

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Its name means “Next to the sea” in the Rapa Nui language, reflecting its wonderful location in front of the Pacific Ocean, an ideal place to stay in the mystic Easter Island, a few steps away from the village of Hanga Roa.

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Hare Noi is located in one of the most exuberant destination in our country: Easter Island. Surrounded by a unique landscape, myths and legends, and the energy of an unparalleled culture, this hotel presents a gastronomy inspired by Rapa Nui products and haute cuisine ingredients and an architecture inspired by the actual home of an islander. Feel at home in Easter Island! [Read more…]